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Thursday 21st April, 2011


by Matt Frost

Welcome to the new Sittler blog!  We hope to make this a good spot for talking and writing about Joe Sittler, in ways we haven’t had since the “Forum” link on the Sittler Archives’ page went dark — in other words, for quite some time!  My name is Matt Frost, and I’m the current graduate student fellow at the Sittler Archives.  Joining me soon will be Rob Saler, my predecessor at the Archives and a friend since Valparaiso, and our new friend Panu Pihkala, a Finnish scholar who has been at the Archives doing dissertation studies using our materials.

The title of the blog is taken from Moira Creede’s dissertation, which is a great Sittler resource in its own right.  The line, “With both feet firmly planted in mid-air, he takes off in several directions,” struck Joe and Jeanne as incredibly funny — but apt!  At the same time, “Planted firmly …” lets us keep the connection to Joe’s ecological and environmental work without having to make this place strictly green.  It is an important emphasis in Joe’s work, and connected to many other facets of his work, and we believe strongly in it, but it is not nearly the whole of the man!  At the Archives, we’re working to capitalize on some of the green popularity Joe has received to bring out more of his work, and we look forward to making this a good destination for all sorts of Sittleriana.

Please check out the “Who We Are” link/tab for more information about the Archives, including a link to the Sittler Archives website, which has many more resources.