Finds at PTS

by Matt Frost

The Barth-Aquinas conference has been great, but I just missed Amy Marga’s presentation on Grace and Justification for an appointment to spend 3 hours in the Luce Library’s Special Collections room.  Ah, conflicts!  There’s only so much time.  Kenneth Henke, the reference archivist, was a great help.

The Pauck manuscript collection is very nicely organized, and in letter-sized 5″ boxes.  Every box has folders labeled “Box ___ folder ___”, and the materials are not described on the folders, but in a separate archival description (found online at the website — it’s what I used to find which boxes I wanted in the first place).  There are some nice pieces in there, including correspondence between both Wilhelm Pauck and his second wife Marion — still alive and apparently a great conversationalist!  The great find was a Sittler typescript of a speech he delivered in honor of Wilhelm Pauck, of which we now have a photocopy from the original left with Pauck.  Its context data happens to be in the same box, in another folder of correspondence.  It’s always nice to have identifying information!

The McCord manuscript collection is plus formidable!  It doesn’t come in 5″ boxes, but letter-size file boxes that weigh a ton each.  Where I asked for 5 Pauck boxes, and they were convenient, I feel bad about the eight crates of McCord papers!  Some very good finds — a set of 1968 correspondence with handwritten notes and a speech in memory of Joseph Haroutunian, papers from the Chicago Theological Discussion Group in the 40s, and a full file of New Delhi papers and context information — but otherwise quite a lot of misses in places I thought might have been hits.  But I got data from them anyways — ruling out events.  There’s more that I didn’t get to see, too, but there’s only so much time to squeeze in.  You have to pick your best guesses!

Oh, and the leads I have to follow up!  More work…



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