Audio, starting with the 1974 LSTC course in Theological Method

by Matt Frost

Well, with the basic space upgrade required to post MP3 files, we’ve got 8GB of storage here.  With the current conversion rate of our 96kHz, 24-bit raw files to MP3, that means we can host up to 118 hours of audio before we need to upgrade.  So, while our primary audio hosting is done over at the main Archives page, there are a few things that are works in progress that will start off here.

The first thing to be hosted here is going to be Joe’s Fall 1974 course in Theological Method, taught as part of LSTC’s core curriculum while Carl Braaten was off on sabbatical.  Rob is eagerly awaiting these, and perhaps he’s not the only one, and they’re good stuff, so here we’ll have them as I get them done.  The first two sessions are posted below; you can either click on the links or use the streaming player.  I’d be glad to get feedback about which is preferable; I know my particular browser and OS combination doesn’t always play well with the embedded player here.

Session 1, 1974-09-30 — course introduction and definition of terms

Session 2, 1974-10-02 — Luther: intro and the 95 Theses



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