Sittler Archives Website re-homing

by Matt Frost

The ELCA has graciously hosted the Archives’ primary domain,, since (I believe) the site went live some time in 1997.  There are some perks to having a Presiding Bishop who is well up on his Sittleriana!  In the time we’ve been with the ELCA, we’ve seen the site go from spare local capacity (with a Real Audio streaming server) to cloud-based hosting (with real MP3 files).  But David Scott — our loyal web developer (in his spare capacity) through many rearrangements of the “chandelier” at Higgins Road HQ — has just informed us that they will have to divest themselves of their external hosting arrangements.  (I have a hunch that this is what we call “reducing the attack surface.”)

What does this mean?

Well, of course, that we are to fear, love and trust God above all things!  But also, that we’re looking into some alternative hosting arrangements for the main site.  Hopefully, we’ll have as little down-time as possible, but in any case, we shouldn’t lose any of the data from the main site, and it isn’t hard to bootstrap somewhere else.

Just an FYI — thank you for your interest, as always, and thanks to the ELCA for many years of cooperation in keeping the Archives public!


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