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Thursday 5th December, 2013

Sittler Archives website videos

by Matt Frost

Well, for a while (unnoticed by me, but brought to my attention by patrons), the video section of hadn’t been working.  It’s back up and running with what videos we had available still in digital format (or could find), now hosted through YouTube and embedded on our page.  The story, if you’re interested, is below the break.

For users of our “Theological Reflections” series, with the study guide prepared by Robert Saler, those videos are now working directly from the site again. Robert Rothgery had also made his video, “The Debonair Giant,” available on YouTube, and we have embedded that video link as well, so that it can be viewed from our site again.

There are some videos we didn’t have DVD backup of, and those have now been removed from the page until we can digitize the tapes. Friend of the Archives Bill Maloney, who has equipment we don’t and the experience and time to use it well, has helped us with our reel-to-reel tapes and odd-format video media before. Bill has agreed to help us get the VHS materials into DVD format so that we can begin making those available digitally. It’s very good to have friends, and we’re grateful to Bill for his help!

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