Who We Are

This is the official blog of the Joseph A. Sittler Archives at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. We are not a traditional fonds d’archives archive, and do actively collect and solicit donations of new (to us) materials. The Archives collects various media types, including paper documents, photographs, and audio and video recordings. The Archives also pays a graduate student fellow to maintain these materials, and perform “other duties as assigned” — and the blog is one of them. We do a lot of work that is not traditional to an archival organization, including public presentations, dissemination of materials, and support of scholarship. (Also known as “raising interest in our subject”!)

Please have a look at the “About Joe” link/tab for a biographical sketch of Joseph Andrew Sittler, Jr.  In addition to preserving original material by Joe, we preserve a lot of secondary source material about him.  This ranges from pieces about him written during his life, to symposium papers and articles about him after his death, all the way up to collecting dissertations about Joe in current study.  We also collect stories — oral history, so to speak — about Joe, and they are hosted on the Archives’ website here.

Some of the more interesting pieces in our collections go beyond even this extension of our archival interest — we have a collection of Jeanne Sittler’s musical compositions, for example.


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