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Tuesday 10th January, 2012

DNS and server switchover at

by Matt Frost

Folks, it looks like the main site is going to have some downtime as we change servers and domain registry. We had hoped to avoid this, but it will only be a temporary service outage as the site is uploaded to the new hosting company and the domain registry changes hands.

Many thanks to David Scott and Roger Bottorff for helping us reach this point, and overseeing the transition!

(Thank you folks also, for your patience as we sort out any bugs that may come up from dumping 1997 code onto a new server.)

Wednesday 20th July, 2011

For the good of the order:

by Matt Frost

Rowan Williams on theological education.

I came upon this at Jason Goroncy’s site, a man of reasonably impeccable taste.  The linked post gives me no few reminders of Joe.  I think he and Rowan Williams would have gotten along famously, for the love of poetry, literature, theology, and ecumenism.  And if you don’t read Jason, or you want a faster way to the lecture he’s covering, you can find it here.